What type of snowmobile adventures are you in the mood for?

There is a wide range of activities proposed along Québec’s 33,000 km (20,000 mi.) network of trails. Whether you are thirsting for a thrilling adventure, longing for a relaxing getaway, hungry for a gourmet experience or in a contemplative mood, we have just what you need.

Thrilling adventures
Québec’s trails offer thrills for adrenaline seakers and those fond of wide-open spaces and isolated areas.
Relaxing getaways
Enjoy cocooning in a cosy accommodation, a romantic evening in front of a fireplace or a few hours in a Nordic spa.
Gourmet experiences
Have one of Québec’s hardy traditional dishes or savour a gourmet meal in a warm and friendly atmosphere.
Unique landscapes and features
Discover Québec’s unparalleled scenery, including breathtaking mountains and views of the sea, and distinctive features.