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From downloadable and interactive maps, permit prices, and snow conditions—you’ll find all the information you need to plan your snowmobile adventure.

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The iMotoneige app lets you plan your itinerary and track your position, while giving you access to all of Québec’s trails, services and hotels without a data plan or cell signal.

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Type of trails

To help you plan your trip, choose from 3 kinds of unforgettable adventure:

The Friendly Expedition
Orange trails

Settle in a popular destination, explore surrounding trails at your leisure, then hang with locals and friends over a great dinner.

The Marathon Adventure
Blue trails

Wide open spaces, long distances, and the thrilling rush of adrenaline that comes with serious snowmobiling adventures.

The Curious Exploration
Green trails

Discover regional trails at your own speed and, after an incredible day out, kick back by the fire with a delicious meal.

Tools to help you plan

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Create your own personalized itinerary with our interactive map of Québec’s snowmobile trails.

Check trail conditions

Check trail conditions so you can be ready for whatever’s out there.

2019-2020 season Québec trail permit prices

The price of a trail permit includes the cost of the liability insurance, defined as "mandatory" under Section 19 of the Act respecting off-highway vehicles, and all applicable taxes. All prices are in Canadian dollars.
$330 Annual trail permit purchased on or before December 9, 2019*
$410 Annual trail permit purchased after December 9, 2019
$640 Annual trail permit purchased on the trail**
$250 Annual trail permit for antique snowmobiles (2000 and older)
$580 Annual trail permit for a snowmobile rental
$220 7-day trail permit
$135 3-day trail permit
$65 1-day trail permit


The Trail permit includes a liability insurance of $1 000 000 CAD. You can get a refund for you liability insurance, by filling this form.

*Are you a Canadian (outside of Québec) or American citizen? Buy an annual trail permit in pre-sale at $330, and claim the reimbursement of civil liability insurance costs included in the annual rate if already covered by a similar insurance. Reimbursement amount: $42.60. (The claim must be submitted within 10 days after the purchase). In the end, you will pay only $272.40 for an annual trail permit.

** Purchase your trail permit before hitting the trails! Extra charges apply when the annual trail permit is purchased on trails. Please note that permits issued for old sleds and daily or weekly permits, cannot be purchased on trails.

Trail permit must be purchased on FCMQ website.

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A few snowmobile planning recommendations
  • Never leave alone, whether you are experienced or not.
  • Always decide on an itinerary based on the time you have reserved for your winter vacation.
  • Find the addresses and telephone numbers of the hotels and restaurants to establish contact.
  • Determine the average distance you think you will be travelling for every day of your trip.
  • Look for information on the regions to visit and choose your point of arrival.
What you need before hitting the trails
  • Your FCMQ trail permit (sticker and canari receipt)
  • Your snowmobile registration certificate
  • Your driver’s license (for public road crossings)
  • Proof of $500,000 liability insurance coverage
  • Proof of age (driver’s license only)
  • A rental contract (if your snowmobile is rented)
  • A competence certificate (for operators aged 16 and 17)
Trail access

“Operation of snowmobile on a Federation trail is strictly forbidden unless the operator has a prescribed trail permit.” (FCMQ By-Laws, Section 11)

A valid trail permit is mandatory for riding on trails groomed by FCMQ’s member snowmobile clubs. There are different types of permit you can choose from, depending of the duration of your trip.

Snowmobiling for all in Québec

Synonymous with freedom, snowmobiles allow you to explore Québec’s wide open spaces as you ride across the snow-covered landscape. Good news—they can be adapted for people with disabilities. In Québec, different types of snowmobile tours are available, ranging from half-day treks to week-long expeditions in the magnificent regions of Lanaudière, Mauricie and the Laurentians. Services are adapted to individual needs, whatever the disability. In some cases, it’s even possible to drive your own snowmobile—oh, the feeling of unbridled joy! Which is exactly what you’re looking for when you escape to the province’s many forests, right?